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Lying off the southern tip of India, the tropical island of Sri Lanka has attracted visitors for centuries with its natural beauty, authentic culture and heritage, century old architectural and archeological marvels and brilliant seas with silver sandy beaches.

Let us guide and assist you while you plan your ‘escape to paradise’ getaway to the tropical fairyland of Sri Lanka…

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Sri Lanka with its myriad charms is a Paradise Island waiting to be explored.  Sri Lanka’s history, unique culture and the tropical beauty are undeniably alluring. It is the place you have not been to yet, that you should and;

Discover dazzling white and often untrodden beaches, escape in to temperate achingly green rainforests, enjoy a spectacular train ride through verdant tea plantations, marvel at colonial fortresses and ancient ruins, be awestruck by the oodles of elephants, listen to Buddhist chanting and meditate in an immemorial temple, surf, dive and snorkel with dolphins, sip a cup of world renowned Ceylon Tea and taste flavorful authentic food.

We at Dazzle Lanka Vacations understands the significance of a holiday and individually design your perfect ‘escape to paradise’ ensuring that every little detail is not just met, but is above and beyond your expectations.  Your Personal Travel Coordinator will ensure that the best possible services are at your disposal to make your days memorable!

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